"About a year ago my husband passed away due to lung cancer.  I gave up and became depressed, angry, and discouraged.  I was introduced to Flanders Road Church of Christ, the elders, deacons and the rest of what I now call my church family.  I immediately felt welcome.  I now have hope, inspiration, and most of all the love of Christ.  This church has truly been my Godsend.  I receive encouragement to carry on to become the woman and daughter the Lord has intended me to be.  Come Join us.  You'll love this church just as much as I do!"

- Kaye Frosch

"Here are some of the things I want to tell you about the Flanders Road Church of Christ.   My favorite thing about the church is the singing. The church encourages everyone to participate, and I really enjoy it.  Another thing I really like about the church is that in Bible class it is really easy to understand the lessons. Last, I like the "Brain Teasers" during worship.  These really encourage kids to learn more about God."

- Junior Perez

"The church at Flanders Road is full of people that truly resemble Christ's example.  the amount of support, love and wisdom is overwhelming, and fellowship with this family is more encouraging and joyous than I could ever ask for."

- Gabbie Hill

"It is really hard to sum up all the good things about this church in a single paragraph, but I will try.  The Flanders Road church is more like a loving family than a group of strangers.  People are friendly, and they are always looking for ways to do things together.  The church is led by a great group of elders (shepherds).  The church is God-centered and Bible-grounded.  People do not just go by their opinions, they seek God's will."

-Betty Hall



"After a move to the Toledo area for work, the family would drive back home, when possible, to worship.   After awhile my wife visited a church of Christ in the area and almost gave up.....Until she took a right turn off Monroe and she saw Flanders Road Church of Christ.  We found a church home and a place to serve Him."

-Charles Shaw

"On February 4, 2015, my wife Jackie and I were baptized into Christ.  Prior to that date we were two souls that had strayed from the church.  for reasons that some may dismiss as excuses, we were lost.  We felt our lives were not complete.  A friend of ours had been talking to us for several years and even invited us to attend a Bible study in his home.  We learned so much that we had never learned in the Catholic Church.  We attended worship with Brian and his family on several occasions.  it did not take long for us to realize the emptiness in our lives seemed to disappear.  We met with Thayer for a few more weeks and decided we had found our new church home and family."

-Todd and Jackie Burkhardt

Flanders Road Church of Christ is a very friendly, welcoming congregation with classes and activities for toddlers to seniors.

-Holly Adams