The church family now known as the Flanders Road Church of Christ began when a small group of Christians met together on Cottage Avenue in March of 1924. This group of believers, whose commitment was to Christ and not to any human or human organization, eventually developed into what was known as the Whitney Hills Church of Christ.


In 1974, having outgrown their building on Upton Avenue, the Whitney Hills church relocated to Flanders Road (a Toledo address but in Sylvania Township) and adopted the name Flanders Road Church of Christ.


Just before Christmas of 2004 Thayer and Cheryl Salisbury moved here from Canada, where Thayer had been teaching at Western Christian College (Regina, SK).



In November of 2013 our current elders were appointed.



In 2014 four deacons were appointed to help in the organization of the work.


In 2016 two additional deacons were appointed to work with the previous four.


In 2019 one additional deacon was appointed to work with the previous five.

  Much has changed since that first meeting in 1924, but we are still committed to following Christ as we find him presented in the Bible, rather than following human doctrines. We have no formal connection with any other church, although we do sometimes cooperate with other churches in efforts that are true to the word of God. We affirm and teach only what we find taught in the scriptures. We owe allegiance to no higher authority, except God our Father through Jesus our Lord.

  For more information contact us by means of our contact page; or use our location page to find us so that you can join us in worship and Bible study.

Enjoy a few pictures from years gone by.

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